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Find deep relaxation with Mindfulness Coaching.

Learn easy strategies to turn down the volume of your mind, be more relaxed, and stop overthinking, stressing and worrying.

Our sessions focus on creating mind and body awareness through guided research-based mindfulness meditation, gentle mindful movement, and simple breathing practices to restore and relax your nervous system.


At Vida Flow, all our programs include research-based mindfulness and trauma-informed strategies tailored to your specific situation and needs.

Desiree in Vida Flow MIndfulness studio.jpg
Vida Flow Mindfulness Meditation Studio in Dernancourt

1:1 Mindfulness Relaxation Coaching 

No matter your situation, you can learn to go with the flow, even if the flow feels like a Tsunami! 


The focus of the Mindfulness sessions is to help you connect to the present moment to find deep relaxation and develop a more positive mind.


We do this through guided research-based mindfulness techniques and somatic practices.

Sessions in person or online:

Sessions can be held in a beautiful private studio (as pictured) in Dernancourt South Australia, or online from the convenience of your own home.

Session format:

  • Consultation session - this is your first 60-minute appointment. You'll meet Desiree (the facilitator), discuss your situation, and ask any questions you may have. During this session, you will get a taste of Mindfulness and understand what to expect in subsequent sessions (should you decide to continue.) 

  • Mindfulness Coaching sessions - after the Consultation session, we begin our Mindfulness sessions. The sessions run for 60 minutes and are usually held once per week. We can, however, discuss alternative options..


What to expect:​​

  • A confidential, warm and welcoming space, and facilitator (Desiree).

  • Extensive guided mindfulness practices and tools.

  • Education on mindfulness and mindful-living coaching (theory and practice).

  • Breathing exercises for deep relaxation and nervous system regulation.

  • Emphasis on mental health and embodiment.

  • Optional homework, to build your practice and confidence.

  • Relaxing and memorable meditative resting experiences.

  • Sound healing and essential oils.

  • Aurora Borealis studio lighting.

  • Meditation cushions, blankets and props provided. 

To view pricing or to book, click the 'Book a session' button below.

Vida Flow Mindfulness Studio 2 person session

2-person Mindfulness Relaxation Coaching 

Bring your partner, friend, or loved one along.

Why not share this nourishing experience of relaxation and mindful learning with a special person? You are welcome to attend the Mindfulness relaxation sessions with your partner, son or daughter, or perhaps your mum, or best friend.

To view pricing or to book, click the 'Book a session' button below.

Online Mindfulness Relaxation 

You can benefit from Mindfulness Relaxation Coaching sessions from the comfort of your own home. To view the pricing or to book an online session click below.

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Learning mindfulness practice can change every aspect of your life.  

Many prominent studies continue to find life-changing benefits of mindfulness and yoga, including a reduction in stress, depression and anxiety; an increase in productivity and work-life balance; and overall feelings of well-being and life satisfaction...

A Mindful, Trauma-Informed approach

Vida Flow Mindfulness follows a trauma-informed and research-based approach, incorporating polyvagal theory, psycho-education and emotional intelligence principles across all sessions and programs.

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