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A memorable experience of mindful relaxation and wellbeing for your staff. 

Mindfulness practices are effective tools for acute stress and burnout. They promote staff's wellbeing offering a mental and emotional health toolkit to foster better connections in the workplace, enhance resilience and elevate job satisfaction.

Keep your people engaged and develop a mindful, emotionally intelligent organisation with Mindfulness.

Bringing Mindfulness to your workplace demonstrates your interest in the wellbeing, development and retention of your staff. 

At Vida Flow Mindfulness, our research-based corporate programs are holistically aimed at promoting mental, physical and emotional relaxation at work.
We offer ad-hoc corporate mindfulness wellbeing workshops and ongoing programs, specially tailored to your organisational requirements and budget.

Memorable mindfulness relaxation that will leave your staff feeling relaxed and reinvigorated.  

The mindfulness sessions offer a range of simple, practical tools including: 

  • Breathing techniques and somatic practices for calming the busy mind.

  • Guided mindfulness meditation practices for relaxation, stress reduction and nervous system regulation.

  • Mindful Gentle Movement suitable for all ages (no need to change clothes)

  • Soothing resting experiences.

  • Essential oils and sound healing.

We can host large groups at partner studios in the Adelaide City and Eastern suburbs or visit your workplace. Sessions are suitable to everyone, with no prior experience of mindfulness, breathwork or meditation required.

For an estimate or detailed proposal please send an enquiry or get in touch via the details below.

About the facilitator

Hello, I’m Desiree Colmenares, the Founder of Vida Flow Mindfulness. The practice of Mindfulness has positively transformed my life, giving me the inspiration to step out of my 15-year Marketing career to start a wellbeing company.


As a seasoned Marketing & Communications Leader with management experience of over 15 years across various industries in America and Australia, I’m an avid meditator and have undertaken in-depth Mindfulness studies. I hold a Trauma-Informed Yoga & Meditation Teacher Certification from the School Yoga Institute and an advanced Yoga & Meditation Certification from the Rishikesh Yogkulam School in India.


Corporate Mindfulness Enquiry

Welcome to Vida Flow Mindfulness

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