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Say hello to Mindfulness

Learn to quiet your busy mind, be more relaxed, and stop stressing and worrying. 

Mindfulness sessions focus on creating mind and body awareness through guided research-based mindfulness meditation, gentle mindful movement, and simple breathing practices to restore the nervous system.

Read below to find the right mindfulness session for you.

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Vida Flow Mindfulness Meditation Studio in Dernancourt

Private 1:1 Mindfulness Relaxation Coaching 

Learn easy strategies to turn down the volume of your busy mind, be more relaxed, and stop overthinking, stressing and worrying.
Find relaxation and joy with the life-changing power of Mindfulness. 

Sessions in person or online.​

Vida Flow Mindfulness Studio 2 person session

Private 2-person Mindfulness Relaxation Coaching 

Bring your partner, friend, or loved one along.

Why not share this nourishing experience of relaxation with a loved one? Attend the mindfulness sessions with your partner, son, daughter, or perhaps your mum or best friend.

Sessions in person or online.


Workplace Mindfulness Relaxation 

Mindfulness practices are effective tools for acute stress and burnout. They promote staff's wellbeing offering a mental and emotional health toolkit to foster better connections in the workplace, enhance resilience and elevate job satisfaction.

Online Mindfulness Coaching 

Mindfulness Coaching sessions are also available online. To view pricing or to book an online session, click the button below.

A Mindful, Trauma-Informed approach

Vida Flow Mindfulness follows a trauma-informed and research-based approach, incorporating polyvagal theory, psycho-education and emotional intelligence principles across all sessions and programs.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"...

Jon Kabat-Zinn

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