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Welcome to Vida Flow Mindfulness 

My name is Desiree. I’m a Mindfulness Coach, Somatic Yoga Teacher and the founder of Vida Flow Mindfulness.
At Vida Flow, we offer private and corporate mindfulness coaching sessions aimed at promoting deep mental, physical and emotional relaxation.

We follow a trauma-informed and research-based approach, incorporating polyvagal theory, psycho-education and emotional intelligence principles across all sessions and programs.

My mission is heartfelt and simple...

I'm here to help YOU relax and quiet your busy mind, using the scientifically proven, life-changing restorative power of Mindfulness.

Not only is Mindfulness practice life-changing - thanks to its countless physical, mental and emotional benefits; but it’s simple and practical to incorporate into our everyday life.

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Need to relax or quiet your busy mind? I’m here to show you how to find inner peace and feel present and joyful.

No matter your life circumstances or how busy you are, you too can learn to relax and go with the flow - even if 'the flow' feels like a Tsunami - by embracing the magic power of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness has changed my life and the lives of countless people around the world.  

Mindfulness at your workplace

Keep your people engaged and build a more effective, resilient organisation with mindfulness.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"...

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Vida Flow Mindfulness Meditation Adelaide South Australia

Everyone can benefit from Mindfulness, especially if you:

  • have a demanding job or busy lifestyle;

  • struggle to 'quiet the mind';

  • have trouble sleeping at night;

  • tend to overthink or worry;

  • often experience stress or anxiety;

  • find it difficult to switch off from work-related thoughts;

  • have mental health challenges (or live with someone who does);

  • are struggling after a sudden life change (e.g. breakup, loss, health issues);

  • need to release past trauma, or have PTSD;

  • live with a disability or illness (or are caring for someone who does);

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Live relaxed and joyfully, worry less, and discover how to 'go with the flow'...

If you're always busy, feeling like a hamster on a wheel...

If you're 'in your head' often, tending to overthink or worry...

If you’re living with chronic stress or mental health challenges...

Or, if you have experienced a major life change (e.g. divorce, loss, illness)…

I hear you. I’ve been there myself.

The 'old me' was always busy, stressed, go-go-go, in my head,
 short-fused, and anxious... 

But after discovering Mindfulness, the 'new me' is chilled and self-aware.

indfulness has changed my life - the lives of hundreds of thousands - and it can change yours too.


"Turning up the volume of our senses and turning down the volume of our thinking mind can have a huge impact on our mental state.

By mindfully focusing our awareness on our breath, body, and senses we can instantly feel happier, and more grounded, relaxed and present.


Not only is Mindfulness life-changing - thanks to its countless physical, mental and emotional benefits; but it’s so simple and practical to incorporate into our everyday life.


No matter how busy you are, let me tell you it’s 100% possible to practice Mindfulness every day; wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, however you’re feeling. 


Mindfulness is a meditation technique. You can ‘meditate’ when you walk, eat, exercise, brush your teeth, cook dinner, or even when you’re at work, or stuck in traffic!


Let me show you how."

-Desiree, Vida Flow Founder & Facilitator

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Hi, I'm Desiree.

I'm a Mindfulness Coach, Somatic Yoga facilitator, and the founder of VIDA FLOW Mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation positively transformed my life after a car accident in 2020, inspiring me to step out of my 15-year corporate marketing career to start a wellbeing company.

Learning mindfulness can change every aspect of your life.  

Many prominent studies continue to find life-changing benefits of mindfulness and yoga, including a reduction in stress, depression and anxiety; an increase in productivity and work-life balance; and overall feelings of well-being and life satisfaction.

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