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Mindfulness Program for people living with a Brain Injury.

Led by brain injury survivor and inclusive mindfulness-meditation and yoga facilitator, Desiree, this six-week program brings together life-changing, evidence-based Mindfulness techniques and principles to implement in your everyday life.


The course teaches simple practices to break cycles of anxiety, stress, and depression common after a brain injury, helping you to be more relaxed, present, and joyful.

What are the program dates, times and location?*

Next start date: TBC.

Meeting link:

Time: Fridays 11am (Adelaide time).  

Duration: one hour, once per week, over six weeks.

Location: Level 1, Minor Works Building community centre, 22 Stamford Court, Adelaide (within the Ergo Apartments, located between Sturt Street and Wright Street)

*Program start dates, times, and location are subject to change. Keep an eye on this page for any program updates.


Find inner peace and joy despite your challenges.

The Mindfulness Program for people living with a Brain Injury focuses on creating mind and body awareness through guided research-based mindfulness meditations, gentle movement, and simple breathing practices.


All sessions finish with a soothing and memorable relaxing experience.

What’s involved in the mindfulness program?

  • A 60-minute session, once per week.

  • Program duration of six weeks (see more details below)

  • Limited places, with a max. of 6 participants per program.

  • Breathing exercises for nervous system regulation.

  • Guided mindfulness practices, mindful movement, and mindful inclusive slow yoga.

  • Emphasis on mental health and embodiment.

  • An inclusive approach, with sessions tailored for all abilities.

  • Education on mindfulness and mindful-living coaching.

  • Optional homework, for weekly practice at home.

  • Relaxing and memorable meditative resting experiences.

Who's the program for?

The program is for adults rehabilitating from a brain injury who have been discharged from hospital and are living at home, irrespective of how long they've been living with a brain injury.

The sessions are suitable for adults of all ages and physical abilities. No previous experience in mindfulness is needed!

How much is the program?

Currently, the Mindfulness Program for People Living with a Brain Injury is kindly subsidised by the Yoga for Good Foundation. The subsidised price is subject to change and ranges from $10-$15 per person, per session. 

Different funding types, including NDIS, LSA, Third Party Insurance, Return to Work, and self-funded are accepted. To register please complete a registration enquiry.

"I've done quick guided self helps but Desiree’s mindfulness session through Vida Flow, showed me how to truly relax! I too have a Brain Injury, and today my brain felt peace. I recommend this for anyone wanting to learn how to practice mindfulness and experience inner peace."


Vida Flow's Mindfulness Program for People Living with a Brain Injury is partly subsidised by the Yoga For Good Foundation and proudly supported by Brain Injury SA. 

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Hi there!

My name is Desiree. Mindfulness changed my life after my brain injury, and it can change yours too! 😊 🧠

You can learn how to 'flow in the river of life' - even when going through rapids, as I did!  No matter your life circumstances, and despite a brain injury, you too can learn tools for finding inner peace and relaxation through the infinite power of mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation and yoga have positively transformed my life after a physical, mental, and emotionally challenging period following a Traumatic Brain Injury.

On the evening of 12 July 2020, my car was unexpectedly rear-ended at full speed while stationary, and I have never been the same after that Sunday night.

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